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Lessons and Clinics

Details of upcoming clinics can usually be found on the facebook page: Facebook


Liana is  a B.H.S.A.I with over 20 years of teaching experience. Liana is a Foundation Level instructor of the School of Legerete. Mr Karl is one of the leading figures in French Classical Riding, you can find out more about Philippe Karl and the School of Legerete here.


“Since finding Philippe Karl, I can’t understand why I was never told me any of this before! It makes so much sense to myself and my horses! Ecole de Legerete (School of lightness) has opened the door to a whole new level in my riding. Lateral work has never been easier and my horses feel happy and relaxed in their work.”


Lessons can be a mix of lunging, in-hand work and ridden work depending on each horses/riders specific needs.

Liana particularly enjoys to work with horses who are not naturally talented for dressage, horses who may have been previously spoiled through poor training and horses that need physical rehabilitation.

Lessons can take place at Ravenroyd in our 40m x 30m arena. If you have a suitable venue and would like to organise a clinic please email me at

Liana's sessions focus heavily on both horse and rider posture and movement. Teaching both parties to move with ease and lightness.


Training often begins by working on the ground, explaining to the horse (and rider) the aids. Working from the ground helps develop the relationship between horse and rider. Voice commands and body language aids are established. There are clear aids for raising the horses head, extending the neck/stretching, bending, flexing the poll, giving the jaw. Most of the things we teach the horse to do under saddle we can teach him from the ground first which then gives him a head start when we start training the movements under saddle. The lateral movements help straighten, supple and strengthen the horse.

Starting training any horse whether he is advanced or just backed begins by checking the horse can extend his neck and stretch to look for the contact. This is the foundation of good training, so the horse can carry the rider with ease. Relaxation, balance and impulsion are initially very important at the start and indeed throughout the scale of training.  Moving onto various lateral work exercises to improve his mobility and as he becomes stronger, begin collection. All the while searching for straightness, lightness and ease. Legerete works for all types and breeds of horse and that is the beauty of it. A good training system should help any type of horse become  lighter, prouder and able to move with ease.

If you would like to book a lesson or organise a clinic please message me on 07932186444

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