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Emma and Jeeves

Liana is an exceptional instructor with a wealth of knowledge that she shares in a patient and positive manner. I love my lessons with her, and her strategies of lightness, encouraging the horse to work correctly with its whole body, have had an amazing effect on both my horse, a TB, and my own riding. This alongside her rider development exercise programme, that has improved my balance and posture, has helped us achieve more than we ever dreamed. Thank you Liana!

emma jeeves double.jpg

Carla and Mouse

I have been training with Liana for 8 yrs now with different horses. The best thing about Liana is her ability to adapt the PK method for different horses,  my current horse is a challenge and Liana has used her understanding of the problems to work out how to resolve and we are getting there!!!


Jess and Barney

Thanks to Liana for patiently teaching Jess so she has become a lighter, quieter rider and for all the work with Barney to develop his suppleness, stability and strength. You are a star.

Jess Barney.jpg
Jess Barney 2.jpg
Jess Barney 3.jpg

Tracy and Colin

Throughout my training with Liana, on several horses, the difference in the horses way of going has been unbelievable. Not only their shape changes but the connection between horse and rider is vastly improved. My understanding instructions can sometimes be challenging but Liana is very adapt at getting the instructions across so even the every day rider can improve.The results speak for them selves.

Tracy and Colin.jpg

Izzy and Logi
I have been having lessons with Logi for a while now. He is stiffer on one side and has a habit of putting me on the wrong leg in trot. We have been doing lateral work to try and correct this and his trot is so much more fluid. Liana has taught me loads of things I never knew before and has massively helped me improve my hands and the way I ride.



Julie and Bugsy

Bugsy and I came to Liana with pretty broken bodies. Under Liana’s empathetic but sensitive tutelage, we have both learned to use our bodies again so we can support each other in our advancing years. Bugs is an ex show jumper and so Liana has had to spend a great deal of time with him so he could relearn how to use his muscles and support himself correctly. This she had done with kindness and understanding and she has shown me a whole new way of being with my horse. The pictures here speak for themselves. I can never thank you enough Liana Upton.

Bugsy before.jpg

Bugsy before

Bugsy after.jpg
Bugsy and Liana.jpg

Bugsy now


I put liana’s skills to the test when rehabilitating my 16 year old cob who has arthritis in his hock and was coming back into work after treatment for this.  She has schooled him which has really helped his way of going and made him so much more subtle. I have also had ridden lessons with liana to help me continue his education in the PK approach and generally improve my riding. Liana is a very patient coach and has the nack of pitching things at the right level to aid understanding and is happy to go over things when needed - we also have a few giggles along the way! I have learnt a lot from Liana and my boy is doing so much better in his way of going, he’s like a different horse. Thank you Liana! Xx


Izzy and Kitty

Recently we have started lessons with liana and kitty the wild beast who I didn’t think could be tamed has become so relaxed. We are working on getting her bending and becoming more supple and with just a few weeks of lessons I can really see the progress. Kitty is so much calmer and comfortable in her paces and is going really well.

Izzy and Kitty.jpg

Mark, Liv, Spike and Dino

I have been having lessons with Liana for sometime, I can say without doubt that the level of instruction and the content is second to none. The principles of teaching allow you and your horse to progress in a way that benefits you both positively. The cob I ride is a great example, he has progressed well beyond my expectations. My daughter has now joined me under Liana’s umbrella and is flourishing already.


This is my boy, Larry. I had lessons with Liana and the change it made to him was fantastic. I had regular inhand lessons and ridden lessons each week to try and supple him up. After all the time and hard work I felt I was riding a different horse. This is all thanks to Liana. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for him and I would highly recommend Liana's services to anyone. A lovely person who takes pride in her work and is a natural with the horses.

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