Rider Unmounted Programs


~Crookedness and bad riding posture are always corrected more quickly with unmounted exercises~


Effective programs targeting your weaknesses.

Programs to help;



     ~ Core stability



Be a better rider in 4-6 weeks.

Sessions are approximately 90 minutes and involve

- Assessment on the riding simulator. Position, balance, straightness, rein contact, leg position and effectiveness. Weight aids and transitions can be looked at.

- Unmounted assessment. Checking your posture, balance, flexibility and strength.

- Personal program formulated targeting your weaknesses. Exercise in your own home 3-4 times per week, only 20 minutes each time. Put your favourite playlist on and have fun!

Have a reassessment in a few weeks to see your improvement. Your program can then be renewed to keep up with your changing goals and improvements.

Ravenroyd Rider Programs. Be the best you can be. 

Liana is a fully qualified and insured Fitness Instructor (qualified 2004)  holding specialist qualifications in Functional Movement Training and Circuit Training. Having had a passion for fitness for many years and also being an experienced rider, Liana has the required experience to help you be your best.