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The SitWell Method is an online rider corrective exercise program. It will help you ride better, whether you’re struggling with straightness, feeling weak and stiff or finding it hard to have a soft connection with your horse. Using fundamental, corrective, low impact exercises to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, you will be feeling better within 12 weeks.  There are self assessments and progress tests to help you learn about your position and posture. There is a weekly Zoom Posture and Movement Class every Thursday at 7pm, this alone will help you move, ride and feel better. All the classes are recorded so you can catch them later on too. Plus I’m always on hand to answer any questions and give you guidance. All you need to do is log in regularly and make the SitWell programs a habit.

The exercises feel good. I can promise that you will feel better even after the very first session. Sitwell explains the secret you’ve been missing in your struggle for straightness and gives you the tools to correct it. All the exercises are clearly explained and easy to follow, this way it’s like having a trainer in your front room ensuring you’re getting the most from each exercise. There are short maintenance programs for the whole body that are quick, effective and feel good – perfect for the busy equestrian.

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