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Short Stays At Ravenroyd With Your Horse

Come and stay at Ravenroyd for a few days, you can pick and mix what training you want and when you want it leaving you time to relax as well, or venture out and explore the countryside with your horse.

Ridden Lessons, In-hand and groundwork lessons, simulator lessons, unmounted rider exercise and fitness programs designed for you.


This option can work well for people who are unable to come for weekly lessons. Coming for a few days of intensive training, every few weeks, works just as well for some partnerships.

Explore the local area with your horse. We have direct access to St Ives Estate bridleways without having to ride on the roads. From there (with short bursts on the roads) you can then access the Pennine Bridleway, Calder Aire Link.

We can either offer DIY livery during your stay or if you fancy a break we can provide full care for your horse so you can take a break between riding.

Local Places Stay

There's lots of places locally to stay, whether you want cheap and cheerfull or a bit of luxury there is plenty of choice.

1.Premier Inn

2. Abbey Lodge Hotel


3. Oakwood Hall


4. Mercure Bradford

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