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Seat Training- Simulator lessons

Weight limit 14 stone

The simulator is beneficial for complete beginners to riders who have been riding a lifetime. It is a time to focus on yourself, your posture, balance, straightness, rein contact, leg aids etc. with out having to concentrate on the horse as well.

The simulator will go on in any pace or repeat any transition as many times as you like without getting tired or confused if the rider is making mistakes. It gives you chance to improve and perfect your riding. It is far better than a lunge lesson as we can take away stirrups and reins with total confidence in the horse. It saves a real horse from having to ride on a circle endlessly which is very hard work.

The simulator has walk, collected trot, medium trot, collected canter and medium canter. He has rein sensors to check how even and consistent your contact is. He has leg sensors so you can move him up and down through the paces, enabling you to check whether your leg aids are symmetrical and clear and also whether your legs are independent from your seat and hands!

We now have real time playback of yourself riding from the back so you can correct your straightness as you ride. It is amazing how crooked most of us are without realising!


If only all beginners would have a few sessions on a mechanical horse before they sat on a real one! It would save a lot of horses from having to endure new riders bumping on their backs and pulling in their mouths while they try to find their balance. In only a few sessions new riders can learn the rising trot and basic aids. They progress far quicker by learning this way.

For experienced riders, once initial problems have been corrected, I recommend a session once a month to correct any habits/ problems that creep in and to keep riders on track.

All simulator lessons are taught by Liana, BHSAI, School of Legerete Foundation Instructor and Personal Trainer. Liana has a keen eye for good biomechanics and specialises in functional movement helping you to develop your mind-body connection so you can ride in balance and harmony with your horse. Don't forget you can still ride a simulator badly so a good instructor who can ride well AND has knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics is essential!

Check out the rider exercise programs at The Sit Well Method to help you become straighter, stronger more flexible, balanced  and coordinated so you can feel better, move better and ride better.

Seat Training

Seat Training

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